Heather Spear

Heather Spear is a queer performance artist who blends drag and burlesque into boi-leasque, creating short form cabaret pieces that challenge social preconceptions and empower people to be who they are.

Heather has been living and performing in Minneapolis since 1993. In those 20 years, she has been a professional dancer, a musician, a day care teacher, a caterer, costumer, and cook, a photographer, producer, and performer of drag and boi-lesque, a homeowner, dog owner, cat and ferret owner, and a bartender. Since 1999, Heather has produced and hosted the performance art drag cabaret Dykes Do Drag.

As a producer, Heather fosters communities of artists to create socially conscious but still entertaining cabaret performances.

As The Gentleman King, she has been seducing audiences around the country by mixing a cocktail of drag and burlesque, making an intoxicating treat of queer sexiness that intrigues gay boys and dykes alike, and entices straight women to question their marriages. Heather also has a drag cover band, The Big Bass Brotherhood, and her touring group, The Down & Dirty Show, was featured recently in an article in The Journal of Women’s History.

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